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Accounting Software Fequently Asked Question Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Saral Accounts? How is Saral Accounts different from other accounting software?

Saral Accounts is simple user-friendly software, which provides facility to handle various kinds of accounting functions. In its present version, the software is specially equipped to handle all typical complications of accounting associated with Service sector.

2. What kind of Industries can use Saral Accounts for their accounting needs?

Saral accounts can be used by any industry be it Goods sector or service sector or both. But in the present version there is more focus on Service sector industries.

3. What are the extra benefits for a user of Saral Accounts?

Added to the usual benefits given by any accounting software Saral Accounts:

  • Enables accurate computation of Service Tax collected and payable at the time of billing and receipts.
  • Avoids duplication of entries to generate ST3.
  • Invoice and receipts registers will make Service tax analysis very simple.
  • Accurate management of TDS, which will avoid losses due to incorrect TDS collections.
  • Easy porting of data from other sources.
  • Routine invoices can be configured one time per customer, which will again save entry time.
  • Is truly windows based software, which has been designed to save a lot of time for the user.

4. How do I save time with Saral Accounts?

Saral Accounts has provided many valuable features for time saving like

  • Voucher templates for recurring transactions so that the user does not need to select every time at the voucher entry level.
  • One-time linking of tax and sales types to services.
  • Customer Preference where the settings for defined services and rates to a customer can be done.
  • Easy navigation between screens. Easy porting of ledgers from existing tools.
  • In-built ST module to which all the details of bills and receipts are automatically ported.
  • Environment setting for reports so the user can freeze the selected criteria and does not need to do the selections all over again when he comes to the same screen the next time.

5. Can I have multiple formats of invoices?

Yes. You can have multiple formats for invoicing with your own preference of how to design the invoice, whether to calculate the taxes at item level or at bill level, have your own round off options, have your own bill series set etc. Anyone of the format can also be set to default and the print out also could be taken either in A4 sheet or letterhead.

6. Can the invoices be emailed to the customer?

Yes the invoices generated in the software can be emailed in pdf format.

7. Service industry has TDS related issues. Does Saral Accounts permit to manage TDS certificates received?

Saral Accounts has a very effective TDS tracking and certificate management utility, which helps to manage all kinds of TDS collection related issues. Reminder letter to those who have not sent TDS certificates can be generated.

8. Can Saral Accounts generate ST3 form automatically?

Yes. Once the Invoicing entries are made, it will be ported automatically to Service Tax & the ST3 forms can be generated.

9. I am already using another package for accounting. Now why Saral Accounts?

Existing software may or may not provide all the features to manage your Service tax compliance in an effective manner. Whereas Saral Accounts has excellent features, which will make your ST compliance look so easy and manageable.

10. In my organization we have multiple services. Some are taxable and some are exempted. How do I manage this in Saral Accounts?

Yes, all kinds of services whether they are taxable or non-taxable, which are provided by a single company can be maintained easily in Saral Accounts.

11. I have recently started as a Service provider. Can the software track when I should start paying Service tax?

Yes. As the service tax is payable only after the receipt collection crosses Rs 10 Lakhs, the software has a provision where the user can opt for tracking of Service Tax on Receipts from Rs.10 lakhs, as applicable including opening balance.

12. Does Saral Accounts software provide the provision for services like non-taxable, exempted and export services?

Yes. Services can be configured as Taxable, Non-Taxable, Exempt and Export Services and linked to Service Tax Classification.

13. The service provided in my organization falls under abatement. Can Saral Accounts handle this?

Yes. Saral Accounts accurately handles the accounting of services coming under abatements and exemptions.

14. Does Saral Accounts have both works contract and service tax?

Yes with Saral Accounts you could manage works contract and service tax related issues.

15. Will Saral Accounts do Service tax calculation on TDS receivable/received?

Yes, the software will do service tax calculation on TDS amount received.

16. I am into a service where Luxury tax is also applicable. Can I handle this in Saral Accounts?

Yes, it is possible. Saral Accounts is software, which will let you define services with service tax and luxury tax applicability.

17. Can I automatically create receipts/payments for sales/purchases on cash?

Yes, it can be created. When a user does sales automatically the corresponding receipt and when he does a purchase automatically the payment gets created in case of cash transactions.

18. Does Saral Accounts permits cash base accounting?

Yes, it is available.

19. Is there any provision for “Rounding off” of amounts?

Saral Accounts enables you to round off the bill amounts in your own method

20. Is there any provision for template creation for repeated voucher entries?

Yes, SA has the option to create voucher templates for any transaction, which eases the data entry operation.

21. In invoicing, can it show the total outstanding for that particular customer?

Yes, it is possible to view customer wise outstanding payments.

22. Can I track the ageing transactions with remarks?

Yes, all ageing transactions can be tracked in the software. There is an option where the user can fill useful remarks for outstanding which helps him to track the outstanding in a better manner.

23. I am already using some other accounting software. Can Saral Accounts be used only for my billing and ST3 generation?

Yes. Saral Accounts can be used for only billing, receipts & ST3 generation.

24. Can I use Saral Accounts, without billing (as only Accounting Software)?

Yes, if the user chooses he can use the software for the purpose of keeping all the transaction details and to view all the details, i.e. purely for the accounting purpose.

25. Can I import all my existing ledgers to Saral Accounts?

Yes, all the ledger information from any source can be imported to the software through import utilities present in the software.

27. Can I have the reports in Excel?

Yes, the reports can be generated in Excel format. In addition to Excel reports, you can generate reports in Quick, HTML & Text formats too.

28. Can I send my company accounting data to Auditor/Consultant?

Yes, the facility is provided to take backup of the data file, which can be sent and restored again.

29. Can Saral Accounts fit into my budget?

Saral Accounts is being offered at a best price & we are sure that you will feel that you have made a right choice by buying it.

30. Do you provide hardware backup (dongles) for licensing?

Yes. We do provide hardware lock for licensing with USB port Hardware Lock.

31. What will be available in future in Saral Accounts?

Future roadmap for the software includes some features like Service tax credit management, TDS compliance, Custom printing of invoices, Inventory and invoicing for trade and many more features.

32. If a new version gets released for the software how will I get informed about it?

Like all Relyon products Saral Accounts will automatically prompt you about a latest version being available on the web. The user can then download it if he has Internet facility.


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