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Saral Accounts - Accounting Software

Saral Accounts Software

Saral Accounts is the software for maintenance of books of accounts of an Organisation. Using Saral Accounts, the user can create books of accounts of any nature of Organisation namely, manufacturing, trading, service or non-profit. The essence of the software is the ease with which the user can work on all aspects of the software namely, data entry, view and reports.

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  1. Enables accurate computation of Service Tax collected and payable.
  2. Avoids duplication of entry to ST3
  3. Invoice and Receipt registers will make Service Tax analysis very simple
  4. Reports can be viewed, settings saved and printed or exported to Excel for further analysis
  5. Routine invoices can be configured to customers, saving time
  6. Tracking of TDS, TDS pending register and TDS reminders configured to save money
  7. Truly windows based software
General Features
  1. Accounting Software with special focus on Service Tax Compliance
  2. Services can be configured as Taxable, Non-Taxable, Exempt and Export Services and linked to Service Tax Classification
  3. Configurable Invoice Structures for Bill Level or Item Level Taxes, additional columns, editable Column header, rounding off etc.,
  4. Tracking of Service Tax on Receipts & TDS either from Re1 or after Rs.10 lakhs, as applicable including opening balance, receipt of advance  from customers and ST payable thereon
  5. Seamless data transfer of Sales, Debit Notes and Credit Note to ST3
  6. Single Screen for creation Group or Ledger. Allows sub-ledgers under Main Ledgers.
  7. Invoice and Receipt Printing on Letter Head, A4 and A8 settings with provision for user editable headers
  8. Host of other General Accounting functions like Voucher Templates, Narration picker, Bank Reconciliation, views, columnar reports and registers including Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, P& L & Schedules

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